Chicken, Potatoes, and Spinach

I’ve decided regular recipes are boring. I’m going to try to simply describe what I did from start to finish so anyone trying to replicate this focuses less on the ingredient-by-ingredient, step-by-step method of doing things and more on simply preparing food to taste. I’ll start with a list of what you’ll need, but that’s it. Here we go…

• A bulb of garlic, of which you might use half or the whole thing.
• Red potatoes, usually 3 medium potatoes per person is filling.
• Breadcrumbs (sometimes I make my own, usually I use Cento)
• Shredded Cheese (I chose Mozzarella, just use something mild for this or you may regret it)
• Olive oil
• Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and oregano. You might want to try mixing and matching other herbs, but these are a good, safe base.
• Boneless, skinless chicken breast (one per person should do it if they are a good size)
• Spinach
• A good white wine for drinking (I went with Riesling)

Put the oven on 440 to preheat.

Took an entire garlic bulb, cleaned it, and chopped the individual garlic cloves. Seem like a good deal of garlic? It is. I use a good deal of garlic; you can use a little less depending on your taste. Garlic appears in everything I made this evening and not in an overwhelming, “might kill vampire dinner guests” sort of way. Set aside on a paper towel.

Took my small to medium red potatoes, washed them, and cut them into cubes just larger than your average playing dice. Set aside on a plate.

Took a serving platter, laid down a layer of breadcrumbs, laid down a layer of shredded cheese (I would use something mild for this, like mozzarella), then mixed the two together. Set aside.

Warmed 1/3 cup of olive oil in a skillet, added two teaspoons of the chopped garlic, and warmed the two together (not to a point where you would call it sautéed, just enough that you can smell them getting together). Poured the mixture into a very large ziplock bag.

Took another large ziplock bag, poured 1/3rd cup of olive oil in.

Took my potatoes, drilled little holes using a knife, stuffed each one with a piece of garlic. Sprinkled the potatoes with enough salt, pepper, and oregano that they were all evenly covered.

Put the potatoes in the bag of regular olive oil and tossed them all about so everyone became equally coated. Put into oven safe glass baking dish.

Took the chicken, put it in the bag with the olive oil/garlic mix, and tossed them about to get them coated. Dredged the chicken, one at a time, through the breadcrumb/cheese mix. Each breast was then put into another over safe glass baking dish.

Put both baking dishes, side by side, on the middle rack of the oven to cook for 30 minutes.

When there was 10 minutes left on the chicken and potatoes, began sautéing the remaining garlic in more olive oil. Once it became fragrant, slowly stirred in small handfuls of spinach until the entire package of spinach had been sautéed.

Plate as you see fit (I didn’t have time to do anything fancy), served with a nice, dry Riesling.


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