I have played in a number of bands of the years, have recorded with many of them, and continue to write and record my own content. Below is a sample of some of the projects with which I have been involved over the years. They appear in chronological order and using the HTML5 audio element, so make sure you have a fairly modern browser. Enjoy!

The Young Professionals

  • Going to the Show:
  • Ronnie James Skynyrd:
  • I Don’t Care:
  • Sick of Your Job:
  • At the Bar:
  • Release My Love:
  • Go Down Smooth:
  • Tell Me:
  • Rock Is Not a Crime:
  • Tell Me (Rough, Home Studio, Early):
  • Blues Jam (Rough, Home Studio, Early):

The Beloved Infidels

  • Bigger Than Life:
  • Accessory Doll:
  • Hey Romeo:

The Closers

  • In the End:
  • Stay With Me Forever:


  • Drive Around Town:
  • Eleven Months:
  • It’s A Wonderful Life:

Philip Fizur’s Late Night Covers

  • Labor of Love:
  • No Name #1:
  • The Book of Love:

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