In recent years my focus has shifted from the general use of information technology to its specific application in the fields of health care and psychology as well as my own development as a clinician and researcher. While more meaningful content is gathered I am including below an excerpt from a recent personal statement written for one of many graduate programs to which I am applying.

My studies in Psychology have taught me the value of critically thinking about existing research and using it as a basis for my own future investigations while my work as an IT professional has allowed me to work with faculty toward integrating technology into their research which, in turn, has exposed me to a wide range of topics in the field. In short, my academic and professional experiences of the last ten years have allowed me to develop a skill set that includes the ability to think critically about a wide range of problems, to approach those problems from multiple perspectives, and to work with a wide range of people across disciplines to achieve results.

I have also been volunteering as both a research assistant and technical consultant at the Child & Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic at Temple University to gain clinical research experience. This experience has afforded me the opportunity to apply both my information technology and Psychology skill sets to the study of anxiety and clinical psychology. My work at the clinic has, in large part, been focused on assisting with two projects. The first, on which I am serving as a session rater, aims to evaluate whether collaboration and youth involvement in exposure task sessions are predictive of treatment outcome in youth with anxiety disorders while the second is an examination of how to best train community clinicians in evidence-based practice, specifically CBT for anxious youth. My time at the clinic has been invaluable as I have been exposed to current topics in Psychology, methods in CBT, and, most importantly, been given the opportunity to interact with a portion of the highly diverse families who come to the clinic. It has been my work at the clinic and my observation of the clinicians administering truly effective therapies to anxious youths that has solidified my resolve to dedicate myself to becoming a researching clinician.

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