For over a decade I have thrived as an IT professional, remaining passionate about the use of emerging technologies in making our everyday lives better. My main focus has remained the development of open and usable web sites and applications, though providing support remains one of my favorite ancillary job components. While more meaningful content is gathered for this section I have, for the time being, provided the following excerpt from my resume that highlights some of what I have done in recent years:

Design and implementation of sites for the 55 departments which comprise the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University. This includes designing templates that conform to University graphic standards, followed by developing a logical layout for the department’s content, building and launching the site, then training department members on the use of Adobe Contribute, the University’s chosen Content Management System. Recently launched sites for CLA include The School of Environmental Design, Anthropology, The Center for the Humanities, Criminal Justice, History, the Master of Liberal Arts Program, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion. My secondary function at Temple has been the design and implementation of various web applications. Recent projects include an online balloting system, online file management, and a web based front end to the CLA digital signage system. All of these applications authenticate again est the existing LDAP organization at the University, authorization is handled by SQL driven ACLs. The majority of the work for these applications has been done in PHP with some AJAX for smoother user interfaces. Other duties have included the building and maintenance of an Exchange organization for the Dean’s office and third level support for the Dean and her staff for general application and networking trouble that could not be handled by the central helpdesk our the secondary technical staff.In previous positions I have planned and implemented the upgrade of organizations from platforms such as NT 4.0 to more modern Active Directory organizations or away from Microsoft to open source solutions. This work has included the upgraded Exchange 5.5 organization to Exchange 2003. Other programming work I have undertaken includes the replacement of paper based helpdesk tracking system with a custom PHP/SQL solution.

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